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This morning I woke up to a beautiful, early-Autumn day with the sun streaming in through my window. I decided to have brunch at the dining hall with friends. Nurses from Giant were in front of the building giving out free flu vaccinations and I decided to get one before class. I felt very responsible.

My first class was Music and Society, where I heard an interesting lecture about the protest music used in the Estonian independence movement. The class ended fifteen minutes early so I was able to chat with a friend I saw on my was to Cinema Studies where I learned about Auteur Theory.

After Cinema Studies I arrived at my Ethics classroom to find the room empty. I then remembered that class was cancelled for an online quiz. I happily returned to my dorm and completed the quiz before starting my homework. I was able to finish most of my homework early enough to get dinner at Chipotle and watch two stand-up comedy specials with friends.

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