Blog Post 3

On Thursday of last week, I met with my friends at one of their houses to share a meal for thanksgiving. The whole group went to Safeway together to get food and supplies for the dinner, including two rotisserie chickens, macaroni and cheese, butter, rolls, mashed potatoes, ingredients for green bean casserole, and cranberry sauce. When we returned to the house, I cooked the macaroni and cheese while others cooked the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. The dinner turned out well and I enjoyed the time spent with friends.

Blog Post 2

Yesterday I decided to go downtown with my friends. We left at around 11:00 in the morning and got to the farmer’s market just before it closed. I was able to get donuts for half of their regular price because the stand was about to close. We then went to a bookstore where Emmy got a collection of poems by Ezra Pound and Brittany asked about job openings. After the bookstore we went to an antique store where I got a present for Emily’s birthday. We then went to a creole restaurant and started walking back to the dorm just when it started raining.

Blog Post 1

This morning I woke up to a beautiful, early-Autumn day with the sun streaming in through my window. I decided to have brunch at the dining hall with friends. Nurses from Giant were in front of the building giving out free flu vaccinations and I decided to get one before class. I felt very responsible.

My first class was Music and Society, where I heard an interesting lecture about the protest music used in the Estonian independence movement. The class ended fifteen minutes early so I was able to chat with a friend I saw on my was to Cinema Studies where I learned about Auteur Theory.

After Cinema Studies I arrived at my Ethics classroom to find the room empty. I then remembered that class was cancelled for an online quiz. I happily returned to my dorm and completed the quiz before starting my homework. I was able to finish most of my homework early enough to get dinner at Chipotle and watch two stand-up comedy specials with friends.